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  Torino, november 2014

Our company, for the fourth consecutive year, has been awarded the “Maestros of taste” award.

Maestros of taste

A voyage exploring the enological and gastronomic specialties of Turin.

Stories, images and wine cellars describe a territory where taste is right at home, thanks to a commitment to do things right, with the dedication and professionalism of serious, honest producers.

The project

Sensible growth of the Maestros of Taste recounts a territory that, thanks to the dedication and commitment of its own protagonists, always demonstrates even more belief in its own gastronomic customs and the cultural value of its own traditions.

The project “Maestros of Taste of Turin and the province” was born thanks to the Turin Chamber of Commerce and Slow Food, which has conducted an ambitious and courageous battle in Piedmont for food that is “good, clean and correct”.

The award is given only to those companies that have passed a very strict selection process