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Our company has decided to dedicate its energies exclusively to cultivating the Erbaluce vine variety.

          Erbaluce is one of the vine varieties that has been reported and studied by scholars since the 1600s. It is perhaps one of the few vines in Piedmont with such a historic fame. From a book belonging to the Duke Carlo Emanuele I of Savoia in 1606: “Erbalus is a so-called white grape, like Albaluce, because it shines so white: the grapes are round, dense and plentiful, with a tough skin:  when mature they become a rosy pink color, and the vine stands tall: the grapes are good to eat, and kept for that purpose: they make good, easy to digest wines”.

        Other references appeared in 1799 in studies by the Agrarian Society of Turin, by Gatta in 1833 in his study on Vines and wines of the Ivrea province. Other studies have revealed that the origins of the name Erbaluce are actually rooted in a dialect variation of Albaluce, affirming that this name has very ancient roots dating back to the Roman era: Alba lux or Albalux.

It should be noted here that vineyard cultivation in Canavese has ancient origins, because the ancient inhabitants of the area, the Salassi, also cultivated the vines and made wine. After they were conquered by the Romans, vineyard cultivation changed radically, slowly transforming to its current state.

Passito di Caluso

Attendi a bere... Osserva in trasparenza

questo colore quasi d’ambra antica,

l’aroma odora, memore di spica

e di muschio e di fiori in opulenza.

Maturâr l’uve sulla prominenza

dei colli al raggio dell’estate aprica,

poi appassiron nella casa amica

per concentrar degli acini l’essenza.

Quindi, spremuto, il succo al buio attese

che per misterioso incantamento

ogni fragranza srdesse più palese.

Or bevi a sorsi, adagio... Anche se spento

è il giorno, e di neve ammanta il Canavese,

berrai raggi di sole a tuo talento.


Remo Appia, dal volume “Le querce”

The vine variety

Caluso Passito

Caluso Passito

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Caluso Passito riserva

Erbaluce di Caluso

Erbaluce di Caluso

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Caluso spumante

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