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Daniele Bianco

  Some very old images taken from postcards from the era and historic books. The   painting was painted by the hands of Giuseppe Camino (1818-1890).

Here we propose some very old images ranging from Napoleon's land survey maps from 1820, where you can see the lots of our building. Even farther back in time, a map from the Turin archives, where the date printed from the Napoleonic calendar of 12 brumaio 11 corresponds to 3 November, 1802 on a modern calendar. The date 1756 is evidenced by an old engraving on the outside of the carriage entrance on Via Alfieri, 1 (historic Via Vignale, named for the exclusive presence of vineyards). It appeared as a small residence with an annexed stall, expanded over time.

Luigi Bianco (1854-1919)

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Caluso Passito Ancient origins