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Caluso Passito riserva

The “Gem of green Canavese wines”

"Caluso Passito riserva" DOCG is differentiated from normal Caluso Passito by one more year of ageing.

A greater selection of woods, in particular French essences of Allier and Vosge, give the wine marked notes of vanilla and boisè.

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            “Caluso Passito riserva” DOCG is a wine that undergoes an extended ageing process. Its particular composition, moderately alcoholic but very sugary, without any excessive acidity, gives it extreme longevity. We have bottles from the last 30 years on sale at an amateur level. But we also have no problems proposing bottles from the last 10 vintages from the start of this century with total assurance of their quality. We have uncorked bottles here in the company that were over 80 years old without finding any defects, and the corks remained soft thanks to the wine’s sweetness.